What to Expect

In each visit, we address your chief concern or complaint. Our treatments are intended to treat you as a whole, but we always keep your biggest concern inciting that particular visit in mind. After a series of questions, we will ask you lay on your back, face up, then check your tongue, pulse (located at the radial side of your wrist), and palpate your abdomen and body to determine what is going on and what points best suit your unique condition.

Your practitioner will then place very thin, sterile needles on different parts of the front of your body. In this Japanese method we tend to needle very shallow with strong intention. The patient will rest for 10-20 minutes, then the practitioner will remove all needles. The patient will typically be asked to rotate face down (unless patient cannot lay this way, side lying may be more appropriate) and needles will be placed on strategic points face down. Patient will be left to rest for 10-20 minutes, then needles will be removed. In some conditions where the patient can tolerate deeper needling, we will needle deeper if appropriate. While patient is resting, our practitioners are close-by performing charting and determining any at-home care in case any adjustments are requested by the patient.

In addition to needles, other techniques are provided to enhance relaxation and a therapeutic effect. This may include essential oils, guided meditation, moxibustion, massage, energy work and more. If moxibustion or massage is determined therapeutic, this will be applied. Moxibustion involves different forms of an herb called mugwort. Our most common version involves winding high-grade moxa into small rice-grain sized pieces, placing it on the skin over a small dab of herbal burn cream, then lighting it with an incense stick. The moxa is then extinguished and removed before the heat penetrates the skin. Typically patients report a deep, relaxing sensation when this is performed. Massage performed at Tradishen is done within our service treatments to provide therapeutic results only. Dr. Monica provides a unique signature style that blends shiatsu with deep myofascial release. Additionally, all Tradishen practitioners are trained in different forms of energy healing, such as Reiki, Qi Gong and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Cupping is a commonly requested treatment. Although we do incorporate fire cupping, Dr. Monica does find this to be a strong technique that is not always suitable for each patient. If cupping is desired and we determine there is a chance cupping can hinder your progress, we do our best to support you internally via herbs, acupuncture and gentle massage first, then try cupping later, when the therapeutic benefits are surely to be positive.


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