New Patients

Dr. Kyle Sanders, DACM, L.Ac., Cranial Sacral Therapist All new acupuncture patients must book a New Patient Exam + Treatment first to ensure there is adequate time to review their health history and address any concerns in addition to treatment. These visits are typically 90 minutes long. We do our best to follow up post visits as acupuncture is a new experience for many and we understand you may have more questions or require clarity on how to move forward to continue receiving care, but we encourage patients to reach back out with any questions they might have as they come up. Either in our first visit or in the follow up, we will help you determine the appropriate treatment plan to best give you relief while keeping your schedule and finances in mind.

Please see our What To Expect and FAQs sections if you have more questions, or text/call our office at 619-780-7801 or email


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